Firewood (Certified)

OOC offers firewood with state compliance stamp. Currently we do not hold a USDA compliance stamp.

Why is firewood certified needed?

There are 140 known pests and pathogens that can be moved from place to place in firewood. We all have a responsibility to conserve our Hoosier forests, so the DNR has implemented a firewood management rule.

You can bring firewood into a state park, reservoir, state forest or state fish and wildlife area if

  • It is kiln-dried scrap lumber.
  • It is from your home or other location in Indiana and has the bark removed. (Ideally, ½ inch of sapwood beneath the bark will also be removed.)
  • It is purchased from a department store, grocery store, gas station, etc. and bears a USDA compliance stamp.
  • It is purchased from a local firewood vendor outside the property and has a state compliance stamp with it.
  • It is purchased from the property campstore or on-site firewood vendor and has a state compliance stamp.


DNR Firewood Rules

Firewood Pest and Pathogens